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Flexoki Colors by Steph Ango

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Flexoki is an inky color scheme for prose and code presented by Steph Ango (CEO of Obsidian). Flexoki is designed for reading and writing on digital screens. It is inspired by analog printing inks and warm shades of paper.

Flexoki is minimalistic and high-contrast. The colors are calibrated for legibility and perceptual balance across devices and when switching between light and dark modes.

Flexoki is open-source under the MIT license. Flexoki is available for many popular apps, including Obsidian which is the main app now on my Launchpad.

The full information is available at Steph Ango website. The repository is available at GitHub.

Flexoki is the color palette used on this site. I also use it in Visual Studio and Obsidian. I will also implement Flexoki to LEIpapa project, both for the main website and the web application.

I recommend you to follow Steph Ango on Twitter.


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