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How to find long tail SEO keywords for your website

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This post explains how to find long tail SEO keywords for your website using the method proposed by Connor Gillivan.

I have been making static web sites with Hugo for some time now and I really like the speed, reliability and usability of Hugo. After making a website, I usually move on to SEO for the site immediately after the first deployment is made. Hugo gives the final output as static HTML pages which is the best way to get easily indexed on Google and other search engines.

So, the process of finding long tail SEO keywords for the website is presented below broken down in 7 easy steps:

Step 1. Log in to Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Step 2. Analyze Search Suggestions.

Step 3. Click on a New Keyword.

Step 4. Analyze a Competitor’s Site.

Step 5. Repeat with 5-10+ Competitors.

Step 6. Get In Your Customer’s Head.

Step 7. Get Lost in the Research.

Bonus 🧸

Go to Google Search Console to see what long tail keywords you’re already ranking for. Use them as starting points.

Outcome 🏆

So that’s it, by using this method, you’ll get 100s of long tail (low competition, strong volume) SEO keywords to build blog & website content around.


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